Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To Top Stitch or Not to Top Stitch

Interested in your thoughts on top stitching...

Here is a picture of our Patriotic Heart with Satin Stitch only:


And here is the same Patriotic Heart with a Top Stitch on top of the Satin Stitch:


What do you think? Which is your favorite? Personally, I go back and forth. For simple designs, I always like to include it as an option. The top stitch can always be skipped during the embroidery process.

I find that I usually prefer the top stitch when I use simple fabrics that aren't too busy. Although sometimes, on a busier fabric, I like to use the top stitch to bring out another color in the fabric. The top stitch really adds a fun level of detail and can really make a design pop!

Also, did you know that any designs with a Top Stitch (or Redwork Stitch) can be stitched as a raggy design? I will try to stitch this same heart as a raggy version soon to illustrate. If you want to turn this design into a Raggy Desgin, simply skip the satin stitch steps!

To summarize...if a design has a top stitch, you really have 3 different stitching options:

1) Satin Stitch and Top Stitch (stitch ALL steps)
2) Satin Stitch ONLY (skip top stitch steps)
3) Top Stitch ONLY (creates raggy effect!) (skip satin stitch steps)

What is your favorite?

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