Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling a Little Sketchy...

I am all too aware that summer is flying by and it will be time to send the kiddos off to school again before we know it.  As I was thinking about what types of  "back to school" designs to offer this year, I became inspired by some rough sketches.  What is more "back to school" than designs that resemble the beginning stages of our little ones being able to express themselves with art! These designs are NOT created with straight lines. Instead I created imperfect lines on purpose that give these designs a whimsical yet accurate feel.  

Check out our Triple Crayon Sketch design below.   It is offered as both a Bean Stitch Applique design and an Embroidery only design. 

Triple Crayon Sketch Applique

The Bean Stitch Applique design is on the right. I love this design because it is quick to stitch and you can even use ONE thread color! How is that for easy? The raglan shirt example only uses white thread. Let the solid color fabrics do the talking and the white contrast thread makes the crayons pop! However, if you would prefer to change thread color but not cut fabric, I have a solution for you too! Look at the Embroidery only design on the left. There is no fabric to cut. Simply hoop your shirt or backpack, thread your favorite colors and stitch away. I love the look of the alternating colored letters on top of these crayons. You could also add the name on the side or even rotate the crayons sideways and add a name horizontally on top. So many options...what will YOU create?

My little boys are in a color groove right now. One likes EVERYTHING blue. The other EVERYTHING green. And when I say everything, I mean blue forks, blue cups, blue shirts, etc. If there is a choice and one item has blue (or green)...that will be the winner! I am tempted to make something for them with every crayon the same color! I think they would LOVE it.

For those of you that enjoy all the colors of the rainbow...check out our ROY G. BIV design. Do you know ROY G. BIV? He is a colorful man, isn't he?

Products for Web26

And finally, here is our brand new Art Palette design. This design also comes in Bean Stitch and Embroidery only. The color names stitch last and can easily be skipped as seen in the raglan tee example.

Products for Web25

Next up, I have scissors, a school bus, a pencil, and possibly a school house in the works. I hope you enjoy these "sketchy" designs as much as I do. I think they feel fresh and I hope you enjoy the uniqueness of these designs.

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