Monday, June 18, 2012

Feedback GIVEAWAY!

I need your help!

I have been working on a set of new athletic tail designs and need to make some decisions. I keep going back and forth...back and I thought I would ask YOU! 

Here are some pictures to illustrate the options:

#1: Redwork Stitch "Brother" and NO border

ATA - Big Brother - 5X7

#2: Redwork Stitch "Brother" with Satin Stitch border

ATA - Big Brother Outline

#3: Redwork Stitch "Brother" with Redwork Stitch border

Redwork and Redwork

#4: Fill Stitch "Brother with Satin Stitch border (note: VERY large stitch count!)

Big Brother Outline and Fill

I plan on offering the designs with several "types" of brothers (big, middle, little, etc.).

Big Brother - All Things Applique

I also plan on offering a "Sister" set. 

Big Sister - All Things Applique

Here are the questions:

1) Which of the above options is your favorite?  (you can just answer with #1, #2, etc.)
2) What other athletic tail designs would you like to see? Touchdown? Homerun?
3) Would you be interested in purchasing an individual name with athletic tail? For example, Brandon or Samantha...etc. 
4) Any other athletic tail ideas or comments you would like to share? 

Now to the GIVEAWAY rules!
•PRIZE: a FREE single applique design of your choice!
•TO ENTER: Answer the above questions either by commenting on this blog or by answering the questions on my FB page:
•GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, 6/21 at midnight EST
•NUMBER OF WINNERS: 1 winner per 10 comments!
•OTHER STUFF: One entry per e-mail address/FB profile is permitted. The winners will be selected using and announced on Friday, 6/22.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I think I'm going with number 3 for the sake of lower stitch count and a bit different from what's out there. Like the border. Request: please consider doing a Papa version? :). Thanks!!!

  2. I like #3 and #1. I love to do things that are different from the norm. I don't want the high stitch count of the 4th option. It makes shirts too stiff in my opinion.

    Thanks for all of the great designs.

  3. I love #4, but it's not practical for a shirt, which would typically be what my customers would order. So my vote is for #3, since you could do multiple fabrics! Great designs!

  4. So far it looks like #3. I vote for it too.

  5. #3 gets my vote. I would also like a Papa design. I really like how big your tail is so you can fit a larger name in it.

  6. I like #3 too but for some reason I keep going back to #4. It just pops out to me. Don't forget Softball versions for the girls. And Yes don't forget Papa version

  7. I like 3, you can write a name in the tail.

  8. Hi,
    I like #2 and I would love to see some name done like this. Love your designs!