Monday, June 4, 2012

Raggy Alphabet

I hope you will love this alphabet set as much as I do...or as much as my boys do!

Raggy Letters-001

The letters pictured above are double sided.

Raggy Letters-003

When you order this design you will receive a detailed tutorial.

Raggy Letters

The alphabet may also be stitched as a standard raggy applique letters on shirts or other blank items.

Raggy Letters-009

The possibilities are endless with these letters! I stitched out all 26 letters in a couple of hours.

Raggy Letters-006

The raggy stitch is quick and efficient.

Raggy Letters-010

My boys have had a blast playing with their new alphabet letters.

Raggy Letters-007

They have spelled words, put them in order from A-Z, and I find them carrying them around the house and identifying objects that start with that letter.

Raggy Letters-004


Raggy Letters-005

You can find out more about this alphabet by clicking here.

Raggy Number Set COMING SOON!

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