Friday, September 27, 2013

1 Shirt + 2 Pairs of Pants = ???

Want to know one of my favorite end of season clearance rack tricks?  I love to look for a cute pair of shorts/leggings/skirt/etc. in the size that will fit for the following season, and then I look for another pair of the exact same shorts/leggings/skirt/etc. in the largest size available!  Want to know why?  I cut up the larger pair and use the fabric to make a coordinating applique shirt.  Check out the cute Ghost Name Patch set I made below.

Ghost Patch Pants Tutorial-003

I started with a long sleeve black shirt and two pairs of striped leggings from Target.  My niece is currently wearing size 18 mo. but I also bought a size 4T in the leggings as well. 

Ghost Patch Pants Tutorial
I decided to cut in the back bottom area first - this is where the fabric is the largest in between seams.

Ghost Patch Pants Tutorial-001

Because this is a stretchy knit material I wanted to be sure to use Heat-n-Bond Lite to secure my fabric while stitching.  Knit is notorious for rolling up and puckering...which can be nice for a raggy finish, but not when satin stitching is involved! 

Ghost Patch Pants Tutorial-002
I love having some of the pants pattern included in the top and now I am tempted to go buy a pair of 2T leggings for next year as I have enough fabric left from the 4T pants to make another cute shirt next year!

Here are some of my favorite spots to look for cute and affordable bottoms to purchase in duplicate: Old Navy, Target, Gymboree, Crazy 8.  Any other recommendations? 

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